Quarterly Journal

Quarterly Journal

Fibromyalgia Network publishes an ad-free Journal delivered to your door on a quarterly basis (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall). Each 20-page issue is written from a patient’s-perspective and contains the following:

  • advice from the experts who understand you and self-help suggestions for overcoming the obstacles created by your chronic illness
  • new treatments to try (both drug and nondrug)
  • the latest research findings to help explain your many symptoms
  • strategies for reducing your pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping and other symptoms
  • a section on Therapies That Work to highlight what other patients find beneficial for reducing the impact of their fibromyalgia.

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Here are a few topics in the current Fibromyalgia Network Journal that you don’t want to miss:

  • Differences between how the brain responds to pain in men and women could make women slightly more vulnerable to getting fibro, as well as symptoms of anxiety.
  • A chemical produced by your immune cells is increased fourfold and could explain your pain, fatigue, brain fog, and sense of emotional bankruptcy.
  • A test looking at heart function during sleep is 14 times more likely to set you apart from healthy people.
  • Given how common digestive disorders are in fibro, certain nutrients are often low. One doctor discusses the consequences and offers treatment suggestions.
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of how to use a device that costs less than $100 and it’s proven in treatment studies to activate your body’s natural pain relieving system.
  • When you exercise, even mildly, is your cardiovascular system keeping up? Learn why exercise is harder for you than for healthy people.
  • When pain and stress levels increase, this causes a substance to shoot up in your blood that enhances pain, sleepiness, memory difficulties, and weight gain.
  • More than 4,200 patients responded to our survey, Fibro Over Time, and the results highlight several factors that influence your likelihood of getting better.
  • Read how combo therapies helped one patient, and treatment for sleep apnea made enough of a difference that another patient returned to a full-time job.

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We ferret out useful information from physicians, researchers, medical journals, and scientific conferences and package it into patient-friendly articles to help you get more out of life. We also offer Members scientific abstracts to provide an objective basis for discussing new treatments or symptoms with your healthcare providers. For just $28/year, we will keep experienced physicians and researchers in your treatment loop year around.

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