Special Offers

Special Offers

Are you looking for something special or do you want to get more with your Membership? This section of our website offers you the opportunity to obtain packaged deals on popular items and Memberships for a limited time at a savings. Get more for your money with the special offers below:

Free Issue Membership Special

Get ahead of your fibromyalgia symptoms with treatment and self-help advice. Receive 5 issues for the price of 4 when you join with this Free Issue Membership Special. Here’s what some experts in the Free Issue are saying:

  • “There is considerable evidence that pain may play an important role in the disruption of your attention and thought processes,” says Bruce Dick, Ph.D.
  • Deep sleep is essential for recharging your brain to improve memory and learning,” Matthew P Walker, Ph.D.
  • More than 4,000 fibromyalgia patients offer a whole slew of tips and ideas that can help you hold down a job, generate extra income, or gain back some valuable self-esteem in the article “Employment Issues & Generating Income.”
  • Avoid overly toxic workplaces. They can insidiously drain your energy and eventually increase physical symptoms,” says Don Uslan, M.A., M.B.A., L.M.H.C., in the article “Conserving Energy for Peak Performance.”
  • “The simplest household chores or day-to-day activities can aggravate your fibromyalgia,” says Ken Lamm, P.T., in his article that illustrates how to avoid worsening your fibro symptoms while performing household tasks.
  • Ruling out menopause and chronic infections, Avram R. Gold M.D. answers a fibromyalgia patient’s question concerning night sweats, and Hong-You Ge, M.D., Ph.D., addresses muscle twitching.
  • Leg cramps and restless legs are significantly more prevalent in fibromyalgia patients,” says Hong-You Ge, M.D., Ph.D. Learn several self-help techniques to ease this muscle pain and preserve your sleep.

This free issue is our special offer to you for a limited time only when you Join Today.

Free Article Membership Special

This special offer includes your Fibromyalgia Network Membership, the Current Issue, plus your free bonus article “Alleviating Guilty Feelings.”

Fibromyalgia is not your fault, so there is no need to blame yourself. Start learning how to feel better about your life beginning with this free article and your Membership to the Fibromyalgia Network.

Your free bonus article contains:

  • More than a dozen suggestions from four coping specialists on how you can work with the people you care about to resolve your guilty feelings
  • How to identify sources of guilt
  • Understanding your losses and the grieving process
  • Cultivating feelings of compassion for your own difficulties
  • 10 tips on dealing with day-to-day guilt

This bonus article that helps you deal with the guilt of being chronically sick will be made available to you immediately as a downloadable PDF upon payment. Become a Member today so that you may begin reaping the benefits of this article now.