Here are a few topics in the current issue of the Fibromyalgia Network Journal that you don’t want to miss:

Why Me? Clues to Fibro Vunlerability
What makes women get fibro more often than men? Researchers are finding clues in the brain, and offer a novel treatment approach involving drug and nondrug therapies.

Misbehaving Immune Cells Linked to Fibro Symptoms
An immune chemical is highly elevated in fibro compared to other painful conditions and could explain why your flu-like symptoms don’t respond to common medications.

Nighttime Tests Best Explain Fibro Symptoms
Although you feel lousy during the day, tests taken while sleeping could provide a more specific marker of your disease. The results also correlate with a number of symptoms.

Are Your Building Blocks Low?
One researcher talks about a shortage of important nutrients that could be linked to your many symptoms and suggests a variety of different therapies.

A Nondrug Treatment for Pain
Learn some of the ins and outs of an inexpensive nondrug option that could cut pain by as much as 40 percent.

The Ups and Downs of Exercise
Do you struggle with maintaining a fitness program or does a day of overdoing it intensity your symptoms? Research points to an unexpected response to mild exercise.

Are Metabolic Changes Causing Your Symptoms to Spiral?
An elevated substance in the blood may make your fibro worse and tilt the scales towards weight gain. Learn about counter measures that help with diet and exercise.

Does Fibro Get Better Over Time?
Find out what 4,200 patients say about this topic, based on a survey that looked at various symptoms, associated conditions, and response to drugs and other therapies.

Add-On Treatments Help Manage Fibro
Given your variety of symptoms, it’s impossible for any one drug or therapy approach to rid you of fibro. Find out how combining different treatments works much better.

Sleeping with CPAP Boosts Brain Power
Without an overnight study, you may not be aware that sleep apnea is worsening your fatigue and brain fog. Learn how CPAP can be combined with meds for better function.

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