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RelationshipsHealthy relationships are difficult for anyone to maintain, and people with fibromyalgia face the added complications imposed by a chronic illness. Your altered lifestyle and physical limitations, along with other people’s lack of understanding, may create turbulence in your relationships.

Overcoming these problems is essential for people with chronic illnesses, as they need the emotional support of family and friends. If you are looking for guidance, Relationships, one of our Special Issues, is an excellent resource with a 20-page collection of articles specifically written to help patients develop, improve, and maintain relationships while increasing their own self-esteem and emotional well-being. You will read expert advice from more than 20 fibromyalgia coping specialists on:

  • Improving communication and mutual understanding with your spouse or partner
  • Enjoying physical intimacy in spite of pain and fatigue
  • Keeping your personal relationships strong
  • Learning how to handle hurtful comments and unwanted advice
  • Helping others relate to your condition and understand your limitations
  • Keeping a positive attitude and minimizing angry frustrations
  • Helping children (or grandchildren) cope with your fibromyalgia
    and more ….

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